The Cameronians - Scottish Rifles
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The Cameronians - Scottish Rifles


The Story of the Regiments - The Cameronians


The followers of Richard Cameron were naturally known as “Cameronians.” They were, to speak generally, the Covenanters of the strictest and most thorough-going type.

In course of time, they formed themselves into little groups, or “prayer societies,” which gradually developed into a distinct religious body under the name of the Reformed Presbyterian Church. In 1863, there was a division in their ranks, in consequence of a difference of opinion about the oath of allegiance.

Ten or twelve congregations adhered to the strict Cameronian position, and these congregations represent the Reformed Presbyterian Church as it exists to-day. But in 1876 the main body of the Cameronians united with the Free Church of Scotland, believing that within her borders they could find the spiritual independence which was one chief article of their faith.


Source: '300 Years of Service' published by the Regimental Trustees