The Cameronians - Scottish Rifles
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The Cameronians - Scottish Rifles


The Cameronians - A Concise History - by Trevor Royle

In the course of its long history, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) provided the British Army with many distinguished soldiers including three field marshals: Viscounts Hill and Wolseley and Sir Evelyn Wood.

Nicknamed by the Germans as 'Giftzwerge' or poison dwarfs, the regiment was considered one of the toughest and most enduring in battle, the regiment reflected the character of its main recruitment areas in Glasgow and Lanarkshire. "The Cameronians" puts its story into the context of British military history and makes use of personal testimony to reveal the life of the regiment.

In May 1968, as part of cutbacks to the British Army, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) was disbanded at a moving ceremony held at the same spot in Douglas in Lanarkshire at which it had been raised in 1689. And yet, although the regiment is no more, its place in history is unassailable.

'The Cameronians' is written by Trevor Royle, a respected historian of war and empire. 'The Cameronians' is the eighth in a series of regimental histories.

The Cameronians - A Concise History
Written by Trevor Royle
Published by Mainstream Publishing - Price £12.99

Mainstream Publishing • Regiments • Previous ISBN: 184596327X
Publication date: 05/02/2009 • 240 pages • Demy Octavo • EAN: 9781845963279