The Cameronians - Scottish Rifles
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The Cameronians - Scottish Rifles


Uniforms - Early

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Uniforms of the 90th Regiment from 1850 (watercolour by Simkin, 1884)     Uniform of the 90th Regiment from 1832 (watercolour by Simkin, 1884)    Uniform of the 90th Regiment from 1826 (watercolour by Simkin, 1884)
Field-Marshall Lord Hill from a contemporary engraving   The uniform, arms and equipment worn by Sentinel John Thompson at Dunkeld in 1689.   Late nineteenth century uniforms from the contemporary watercolour by O. Norie
1689   1790   Camp scenes - 1803
Camp scenes - 1803   1865   1840
The Cameronians, 1689-1968   1st Battalion, England 1894   1st Battalion, England 1891
The Cameronians by Simkin   The Last Cameronian, Rfn. John Thompson on patrol in Aden, 1967   The Cameronians - uniforms from 1689